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We have a selection of high quality Annie Sloan brushes, rollers and stencils available, all specifically designed for Chalk Paint to provide a beautiful finish.  All of our brushes and rollers have beautiful timber handles extending the quality to your finger tips.

We are commonly asked "do I need a brush or roller?" and the answer is not definitive. 

What are you painting?  What finish do you want to achieve?  

Ask us about which would be best for you!



Round Brushes

Pure bristle.  The "go to" brush for most artist, as they hold lots of paint and can achieve a broad range of effects.  Just fantastic!

Small - £12.99

Medium - £18.99

Large - £ 28.99

Flat Brushes

Synthetic bristle.  Super for achieving a flat modern finish or around picture frames.

Small - £4.99

Large - £8.99

The Stencil brush

Pure bristle.  Being short and compact it is fantastic for stencilling, but have you tried it for dry brushing, or reaching small fiddly areas?


Wall Paint brushes

Mixed synthetic and pure bristle.  Specially designed for Annie's new Wall Paint. 

Be expressive and free, up, down, side to side it's up to you.  

Small - £14.95

Large - £16.95

Wax brushes

Pure bristle, but with more packed in!  Designed to push wax in to the Chalk Paint™, these wax brushes get the job done even quicker!

Small - £23.99

Large - £29.99


Sponge rollers

Sponge rollers with a squared edge.  These can be used for stencilling or to achieve a constant flat finish

Small - £4.95

Large - £5.95

Sponge refill packs

Packs of 7 rollers, easily replaced to your frame.

Small - £6.95

Large - £7.95