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Chalk Paint™ is available in 36 colours, pop in the shop for a colour chart and have a look our beautiful range of hand painted furniture.  All of our staff have an extensive range of knowledge and are happy to assist you in creating your unique piece

"It's my unique recipe that makes it special, I named it Chalk Paint™ because of its soft, absorbent, matt finish."

Annie Sloan

*No priming or sanding necessary 

* This paint sticks to wood, paint, plastic, stone, brick, concrete and metal.

*No removing of old wax, paint or varnish

Water-based, eco-friendly and highly concentrated to produce extensive covering power.  These paints dry with a beautiful velvety matt finsh.  For most purposes, one coat of paint is enough.  However some furniture, generally from the 1930s and '40s, can have a coating which may cause a stain to come through.  Don't worry, just apply clear shellac to the stain and repaint.


1 Lt - £18.95

100ml - £6.45